How do you pronounce Mbadika?

/bah • GEE • ka/

definition: idea, a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action

What does Mbadika do?

Workshops We engage youth from Boston to Cape Town with hands-on experiences transforming their ideas for challenges facing themselves and their communities.

Youth Impacted
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Do-It-Yourself Kits

go site We equip youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in the product design and development process behind ground-breaking ideas.

What's Happening with Mbadika?


orlistat online sale without prescription We are proud to announce that Mbadika has been selected to be a member of TUGG (Technology Underwriting Greater Good)'s Portfolio of non-profit organizations, which includes BUILDBostonWeThrive, and Resilient Coders.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Mbadika, Tech Goes Home, and Media Girls at the largest Boston tech party of the year.

TUGG Makes Boston has been a launching pad for some of the region’s best social entrepreneurs and this year’s group looks promising. We selected each non-profit based on their strong leadership, impactful social innovation, potential to scale and ability to effectively serve and inspire local youth.”

                           - Elizabeth Dobrska, TUGG Managing Director


After years of providing our various hands-on workshops around the world, mLab (which stands for Mbadika Laboratory) is our video series providing you the opportunity to join us as we explore fascinating ideas and those who create them.

Whether its guiding you through a step-by-step projects, showcasing how to make advanced builds, or even showcasing makers transforming our world;

In Summary; mLab is your laboratory to #BuildMakeLearn.

Curious? Want a sneak peek? Can't wait to get started?

Follow the link below to explore our Beta mLab site as we prepare for our official launch on February 5th, 2018. 

Mbadika is about ideas and those who create them

No matter where in the world they are or come from

"Working at Mbadika is like sprinting through a runway train heading towards Olympus while trying to defuse a bomb based on how fast I can cook lasagna."
-Andres Meddez

The Roxbury Innovation Center (RIC) is a not-for-profit space in the heart of Boston, also known as Roxbury, that supports local economic development through encouraging and guiding innovation as well as entrepreneurship. 

From June 2016 until December 2017, Mbadika resided at the Roxbury Innovation Center and provided members of the Roxbury community with the opportunity to experience our world renown hands-on workshops through their space and their maker-space, Fab Lab Roxbury. 

As we look forward to our next chapter, here is a look back at our partnership with the Roxbury Innovation Center. 

EduGreen | Cape Town, South Africa

EduGreen is a social venture focused on exposing their fellow African youth to the unique challenges and opportunities that renewable energy provides for the continent and the world. 

Since 2015, Mbadika has partnered with EduGreen in order to develop and provide hands-on workshops as well as DIY Kits to Sub-Saharan African youth focused on renewable energy, such as solar power.

Through this collaboration, Mbadika has been able to manufacture and distribute hundreds of our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Kits in South Africa, including our popular Solar USB Charger Kit which allows for participants to assemble a solar powered charger for USB devices, including mobile phones. 

Under the direction of Charles Sonnenberg, EduGreen has helped Mbadika increase its local impact in Cape Town and beyond through strategic partnerships with the U.S. Consulate of Cape Town and RLabs through the American Corner in the Cape


DIY Solar USB Charger Workshop

American Corner in the Cape

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