MLAB Projects

Explore STEAM through hands-on projects to learn the basics of engineering in order to bring ideas to reality.

M°Lab Field Kit

Take on the role of an M° Lab Secret Agent and complete 15 engaging STEAM projects from thecomfort of your home, in collaboration with the Ministry of Supply.



Our award-winning TV show explores STEAM through hands-on projects with a twist to bring ideas to reality.

A group of diverse students, from left to right, surround a wooden desk surface being managed by a young, white female in order to explore a piece of fabric. In front of the group is a Mac desktop computer showcasing an enlarged version of the image relayed from the microscopic in the hands of the young female employee.

Our Lab. MLAB.

Without resources, ideas remain ideas.
MLAB is where we design and develop hands-on STEAM educational resources, including DIY projects, a television show, as well as products, to support ideas and those who create them.
It’s our mission to make their ideas a reality.

M°Lab Field Kit

Fostering creativity through the lens of fabric science
Access to STEM (Science Tech Engineering Math) educational materials and tools is a global challenge.
In response, we are collaborating with the Ministry of Supply, an innovative clothing retailer born out of MIT (just like us) driven by the principle of utilizing #ScienceForBetter, for our project M°Lab.
M°Lab is focused on providing opportunities for learners of all ages to be exposed to fabric science while fostering creativity and ushering in a new generation of science lovers.
The result of this initiative is the M°Lab Field Kit, a do-it-yourself kit that encourages the learner to take on the role of an M° Lab Secret Agent and complete a series of engaging STEM projects from the comfort of whereever you call your own lab.
A colored photo showcasing a black, rectangular box that is slightly opened by a hand in the upper right hand corner. The box is branded in white font by the phrase, 'Open Your Mission'. The top of the box is branded with the phrase, 'M°Lab'.


Our 43rd Annual New England Emmy nominated educational television series, MLAB, demystifies the process of bringing ideas to reality through STEAM.


Explore STEAM through one of our favorite MLAB projects exploring basic engineering, product design, as well as digital fabrication (i.e. 3D printing). 


We are firm believers that it takes a village to not only raise a child but to bring an idea to reality.
Fortunately, we are proud of our village supporting our mission to focus on ideas and those who create them.