mLab Projects

Simple DIY STEM projects for aspiring Makers to learn how to #BuildMakeLearn, solo or with their entire family.

mLab TV Series

Our STEM TV show exhibiting how you can bring their ideas to life through our mLab projects, workshops, and partner programs.

mLab Workshop

Our hands-on workshops for aspiring Makers of all ages to learn how to transform their ideas into reality through STEM.


Our services for entrepreneurs bringing their ideas to life, including product design and development as well as curriculum development.


who are we

We've been involved in fostering innovation around the globe for a decade.


We partner with innovative leaders who share our mission to foster ideas and those who create them.

what people say

While Talent is Universal, Opportunity is Not.
We are here to change that.

It's about guiding students through the design process. We're not simply giving them an idea and turning it into reality - we're taking what we are given and learning how to be multidisciplinary in order to fulfill someone's wishes.
- Netia McCray, Executive Director of Mbadika
This pilot program (Boston Design Academy - BDA) offered a valuable and rewarding opportunity to work with student innovators. We're impressed with the students' work as they explored NASA technologies and imagined new ways to use them.
-Nona Cheeks, Former Chief of Strategic Partnerships Office, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
I feel like I've learned so many things.
This was a good opportunity for me to expand my horizons.
- Hallie Dubuisson, MLAB Program Participant